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Think of us like a mother sparrow and you as our hungry little sparrow babies while we lovingly regurgi… no I refuse to carry with that metaphor. Apologies.

Here’s the weekly round-up. I guarantee nothing featured here has passed through any of our digestive systems.

Weather Gif

Telling you the weather in your current location via the medium of gigantic Gifs. What’s the point of this? Well exactly. Does it actually work? Well exactly.

Here’s the five day forecast…

“It’s just pictures in a book Danny”

As I highlighted yesterday in my sensibly titled eight brands scaring the pants off you this Halloween, IKEA Singapore has recreated it’s own version of The Shining. It’s terrifying. Imagine… being able to shop in IKEA till 11pm. AGHHHHHHHH!!!

That’s the next six years sorted

Here’s a handy guide to the next half dozen years’ worth of superhero movies.

Really itching for that UNKNOWN MOVIE MARVEL 2018. Fingers crossed its Doctor Bong.

Thank you for flying Air Sauron

Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, the worst Doctor Who and other orks have gathered together to create a Middle Earth themed in-flight safety video for Air New Zealand.

At least this one doesn’t end four or five time, amirite?

BLAH Airlines

Virgin America have managed to create a six hour long in-flight video that’s somehow less of a laborious watch than the above Air New Zealand one.

The whole campaign is an incredibly detailed multichannel experience with lots of hilarious hidden details, such as this email response to every complaint…

And the customer testimonials that range from the outwardly hostile to the numbly accepting: “if the only point in air travel is to get to your destination eventually, then I guess you could say that BLAH gets the job done,”

Check out the full story in 18 things to love about BLAH Airlines.

Living in a beatbox

Watch the artists on these classic album covers come to life and beatbox like the bosses they are (uh… Bruce Springsteen not actually featured).

Film-maker Vania Heymann also created the fantastic interactive video for Bob Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ last year and this is just as ace…

Cranston’s still a badass

A Florida mother successfully petitioned Toys ”R” Us to remove Walter White action figures from its stores.

Here’s the Breaking Bad actor’s suitably measured response.

“You let him out!?”

For anyone reading this who somehow hasn’t watched the six Halloween films, it’s two latter day sequels and the two non-canon reboot sequels, here’s a breathless  two minute recap. All animated in beautiful watercolours. Lovely.

Empire strikes back around by the bins

I self-imposed a moratorium on posting anything Star Wars related in this round-up for fear of over saturation (along with Game of Thrones, Stanley Kubrick and Hollyoaks).

However, these genuinely breath-taking images from photographer Thomas Dagg are just too good not to share.


Speed through the third (and second best) Indiana Jones film in this quite extraordinary 60 second animation taking in every key scene, plus a sex scene that I don’t remember being quite so perfunctory.

It’s my Downton Abbey costume

Oh right, I see what you mean now. Uh… no you can’t come in.

Click on the above image to see how you can make your very own, but don’t.

James Van Der Bark

Well about one in 50 people will find that headline funny. And I would imagine even less people will click on this daschund recreation of Dawson’s Creek below. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BETTER WITH YOUR TIME?

That’s it for this week, me and the internet are off to glare suspiciously at other people our age in the park and question why they’re not at work.