London-based blog agency Splashpress has acquired web video tutorial site Tubetorial as it continues to augment its blog community offerings.

As well as snapping up Tubetorial from social media marketer Brian Clark of Copyblogger for an undisclosed sum (likely to be small), Splashpress also acquired the popular Cutline WordPress theme, produced by Clark’s Tubetorial partner, designer Chris Pearson.

Piccadilly-based SplashPress last year bought the Blog Herald, a bloggers’ news source, and this February acquired blog metrics community Performancing following its aborted acquisition attempt by PayPerPost.

A pooling of the resources of five blog companies, SplashPress claims a network of 30 blogs.

“SplashPress plans to integrate Tubetorial and Cutline with Performancing, which shows they clearly understand the importance of community-building alongside solid content,” Clark wrote.

SplashPress’ David Krug added: “Over the last year Tubetorial has defined itself as a destination for people looking to learn on the web. We plan to continue that growth and dominance in the future for a long time to come. Cutline and Tubetorial will be operated independently of SplashPress Media under the guidance of the Performancing Team.”