Starbucks has announced that since launching the Starbucks Card Mobile app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry in January of this year, these apps have been responsible for 26m purchases.

Mobile payments were originally available in 6,800 Starbucks locations in the US, as well as 1,000 Target shops, but this has climbed to 10,000 by adding Safeway Starbucks and some stores in Canada. 

Adam Brotman, senior vice president and general manager of Starbucks digital ventures, wouldn’t reveal how many people had downloaded the apps on various platforms, but admitted that it was in the “millions”.

In the first nine weeks after the company initially launched the apps, Starbucks processed 3m mobile payments. But in the past nine weeks, the company doubled this to 6m.

These figures show that Starbucks mobile strategy has been picking up pace of late, following several successful campaigns this year. The Cup Magic augmented reality app clocked up 450,000 ‘engagement points’ since its November release, according to Brotman (in which a point eqautes to a use of the app)app. Over 91% of people thatd ownloaded it actually used it, thought there’s no suggestion at the moment of how regularly or long-term this is.

Additionally, Brotman added that $110m had been loaded onto Starbucks cards via mobile this year – which at the moment in just a small portion of the $2.4b overall.

The company’s mobile payment strategy is expanding in January 2012 and will roll out to 700 locations in the UK. It doesn’t currently have plans for an application on Windows phones, but Brotman says that the company is watching the development of this OS, as well as the growth of the Kindle Fire for potential areas of expansion.

Starbucks is also planning to update the Starbucks Card Mobile application in the coming weeks across all three existing platforms.