Clickit Digital recently launched out of New York’s “Start Up Alley” to help clients target their perfect customers everywhere across online leads, search, display, social media and video. 

With such a lofty premise/propostion, we were excited to get an inside scoop from the founders.

In one sentence, what is Clickit Digital?

Clickit Digital’s online ad platform targets ad delivery across Search, Social Media, Display, Mobile and Video channels and lets customers manage it all in one place with complete support from a team of experts.

What problem(s) does Clickit solve?

For many marketers, the online landscape is like the wild west. Many don’t effectively utilize digital ad placement because its extremely difficult and time consuming. Clickit allows for true cross-channel ad placement across major search engines, premium display, video and pre-roll, and multiple mobile formats and apps This saves huge amounts of time in managing separate campaigns and aggregating and analyzing all this disparate data. Matched with a hands-on managed approach, Clickit monitors and optimizes campaigns across multiple channels for improved ROI.

What are your immediate goals?

Our short-term goals are to scale with more sales, funding and partnership opportunities, develop new product rollouts that will provide expanded cross-channel ease for advertisers, and to begin development of white label and API. 

What were the biggest challenges involved in building Clickit ?

Integrating multiple APIs and technologies and tying them all into a centralized dash was very challenging. Aggregating all the different data, with depth in reporting, still require working platform knowledge which our customers lack. This created a managed solution for our clients who require our expertise to optimize their campaigns for best results.

How will the company make money?

We started Clickit in June of 2012. The company has currently exceeded our sales goals and now has three sales people driving new customers. We have six full time employees with plans to increase staff throughout 2013.

Who is in your team?

Chrissie Van Wormer, CEO- Entrepreneur, operations, HR, financial and infrastructure management

David Weinstein, President – Entrepreneur, 25 years of brand and strategic marketing, Fortune 500, 16 years web strategy development, Professor:Pratt Institute

Michael Massey, CSO – Entrepreneur, 15 years of integrated marketing strategy and media development, speaker, lecturer, author and noted industry professional

Lisa Aiello, VP Client Services – Entrepreneur, extensive agency advertising, marketing, PR and design

Chris Van Wormer, CTO – Entrepreneur, expert in product code development, UX, UI, Database and system integrations for web and mobile

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

In our 8 months, we’ve built, launched and marketed our cross channel ad platform. We ‘ll continue to add and test new features. Keeping on track for 2013 sales goals and a possible funding partnership in place to expand product. In three years we’d like to have fully completed our product road map and significant growth and strategic partnerships. We would like to soo Clickit as a global provider with a visible market share.

Other than Clickit , what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

I personally am immersed in at the moment. I just love using it for presentations. I was also blown away by the new Jeff Beck Bowie video as it was a really great immersive video experience. We read a lot of trending news on, We also spend time on hootsuite and basecamp. When things get stressful, is a great mental vacation.