In one sentence, what is your product/service?

Clickmodels is a unique web-designer prototyping app providing great tools for developers and an in-app communication tool for clients.  

What problem(s) does it solve?

Millions of designers, clients and developers worldwide are part of the complex process prior to the release of an online project. For designers, creating a quick but good working prototype is not always that easy, and is now being made so much easier, more fun and obvious to do.

For the client, lots of time gets lost in communication with clients, with Clickmodels that is history. Developers won’t have to switch between dozen of applications, all the tools they need are right in Clickmodels, and it takes less time to create the pixel-perfect product that everybody will love.


What are your immediate goals?

We want to introduce an application that works for everybody in the way they expect it to work.  

None of the available prototyping tools on the market allows web-designers, clients and web-developers to work together effeciently using one single tool. Clickmodels does just that.

What were the biggest challenges involved in building the tech or your team?

Besides all the browser compatibilities the biggest challenge for us was building not only a high-performing and low-latency application, but also an application that was extremely scalable from the very beginning.

That way, even when the application is used by (hopefully) thousands of customers, we can still guarantee a great and fast working application for designers, developers and clients.

How will the company make money?

Our service offering is subscription based and will have four different packages. Each package has a limited number of working projects. You can start for free with a limit of three projects and upgrade to 10 or more projects starting at just $15 a month.

Who is in your team?

We have three founders and dedicated team members that love what they are doing over past year. I will give you a short introduction to me and them:

Jurriaan van Drunen, that’s me: tries to make the web a better place with my passion and love for web and UI design. With more than eight years of online experience I still try to create ‘something different but better’.

Max van der Stam: driven by the desire to make fluent, beautiful web applications, Max goes the extra mile when it comes to making a good application absolutely perfect.

Ronald Mansveld: dreaming code since he was 12, and always looking for ways to make that code better, faster and more secure. Author of a soon-to-be-released brand new ACL-component to make others’ apps better, faster and more secure as well.

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

We hope that Clickmodels will become one of the standard applications among designers, developers and client during the process of online projects. We love what we do and have the confidence that other designers, clients and developers will think exactly the same about this. 

Other than your own, what are your favorite websites / apps / tools?

We the team love to use Wunderlist, dropbox, evernote and liveview. I’m pretty addicted to the Clear and Airbnb app for the iPhone.