What problems does it solve?

CornerDrop makes it easy for any potential parcel collection point to register online in minutes to accept parcels.

They need not worry about being overwhelmed by the quantity of deliveries and it is a simple paper based receipt process, offering an alternative mobile based ‘smart’ solution later this year.

We are an efficient and attractive proposition for any traditional high street business to generate extra footfall and revenue (we pay for each parcel handled). Also critically, anywhere can register not just a convenience store.

It could be a coffee shop, florist, school, dry cleaners, pet boutique, hairdressers etc.. Any business that wishes to drive more footfall to their premises.

We also make it really easy for any online retailer to offer a Click and Collect service using CornerDrop and its growing network, without having to change any of their fulfilment solutions.

CornerDrop sits within the alternative delivery address section and does not impact any processes already in place. We offer a free Magento extension and open APIs and is only chargeable once used by a customer. No contracts or restrictions.

It’s a true open-source, PAYG, click and collect service available to everyone.

Is this a crowded market? 

Couriers offer around 30,000 locations to collect parcels. However these are only available if you use their courier service and are only targeted at Tier 1 and 2 retailers.

There was no solution until CornerDrop that allowed smaller online retailers to compete with the larger players to offer a comparable parcel collection service, without having to change any existing delivery agreements.

What are your goals?

  1. To have at least 2,000 locations registered across the country by October 2015.
  2. To have 150 registered online retailers using the Magento extension by December 2015.
  3. To be accepted as the normal solution for customers to collect their deliveries from where they want to collect them.
  4. Remove all the wasted time, money and effort involved in delivering purchases to customers

What are the biggest challenges you face?

We need to rapidly grow our network of collection points across the UK to become a viable proposition to our customers.

We have made registration as easy as possible online and will shortly be releasing a referral programme to accelerate growth. However, whilst only operational for eight weeks, we have over 500 locations registered and new registrations happening every day.  

How will you make money?

Every time a code is produced (or used by a customer), we charge the online retailer. The retailers buy codes in a minimum quantity of 10, up to 500 in one go, and are charged between £1.10 and £1.30 for each use.

These costs can either be absorbed by the retailer or cross charged to the customer (not recommended).

In essence, they only have to buy codes once they have been used (although we do have a minimum of 10 code purchase amount).

Who is in your team? 

  • The Founder and CEO is Andrew S Lasota. Previous experience: logistics and distribution (Volkswagen, Unipart, Lidl,Aldi)
  • Dan Grimes, CTO & Co-Founder. Back-end code and data management.
  • Suzy Lloyd, Head of Digital & Social (ex-Head of Social Media Europe, Samsung) Previous experience: digital marketing (BlackBerry, Fujitsu & OKI Europe)
  • Daniel Killyevo, our Front End Developer.

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

One year:

3,000+ CornerDrop locations and 300+ online retailers integrating and promoting CornerDrop Click and Collect on their websites.

Three years:

20k+ locations and 5k+ online retailer using the service. Foreign growth in certain selected areas.

Five years:

Worldwide availability of the service. Nobody will be further than 500m from a CornerDrop in any populated area.

Other than your own, what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

Favourite tools – Slack, Dropbox & Trello. We only use outlook for external comms now.

Favourite apps – any TV / music based app, they’re great for a train commute!

Favourite website – Burberry.com, which embraces and leads the way for digital innovation. The site is iconic.