Please describe what the company does

Curiously is reimagined dating for music lovers. We bring our members together through their shared love of music both online and offline.  

We are a social discovery company.

What problems does it solve?

Curiously solves the problem of finding better matches quicker.

You can tell an incredible amount about a person based on their tastes in music, and we have been able to harness that to deliver more compatible match results to our members so that they have to do less searching.  

Additionally, we are working on new functionality that will allow members to further filter their results to a curated subset of matches who are either friends, or friends of friends on Facebook.

Is this a crowded market? 

Online dating is an extremely flooded marketplace. However, our niche of music matchmaking has very few legitimate competitors.

What are your goals?

Our goal is to bring millions of people together through love and music, starting in the U.S., then across the world. 

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Out two biggest challenges are spam prevention and having a voice in an extremely crowded space.  

Spam is a problem that all dating sites face, and many of the dating sites don’t properly address the issue (I won’t name any names).  

However, we’ve been working on pretty innovative technologies to prevent spam profiles and spam messages.

We invented a “spam score” system that looks at dozens of attributes of a profile or communication to determine the likelihood of it being spam. If the score is too high, it gets flagged or blocked entirely.

One of the other things that dating sites (and many other startups) fail to invest in is their brand. You can’t have a voice without a strong brand.  

Building a strong brand takes a lot of time and a carefully crafted strategy – attention to detail is paramount. We’ve worked really hard to establish our brand, and will continue to do so.  

We stand for discovery of love and music, and we want that to be at the core of everything we do.

How will you make money?

We are a growth-focused company. As a community based site, it is important to our members that we focus on rapidly increasing our member base to improve the network effect.  

We have a number of monetization strategies that we are not planning on implementing in the near future, but may down the line.

Who is in your team?

Just Thomas who runs support and community management, and myself as the CEO, CTO, CMO and lead developer.

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

It’s hard to say, as is the nature of startups. This year is mostly product-focused. We are continually working to improve our platform.  

From there, we’d like to penetrate every metropolitan area in the U.S. In five years, we plan on having tens of millions of members across many different countries. 

Other than your own, what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

I’ve used several dating websites – I actually met my wife online. I was really unimpressed with all the dating sites that I have used.  

I’d love to say that there are other dating sites out there that I like, but I just feel that they all fall short.  

I truly believe that when we see Curiously through to our full vision for the company, it will be a far better dating experience than anything else out there.