Backed By Yammer’s David Sacks, fresh launched a site for verified consumer gadget reviews last month. 

We recently spoke with the team to find out more about their plans.

In one sentence, what is Fresh?

fresh is a social product testing platform that socially curates new consumer electronics products by creating a fun way to engage their launch.

What problem(s) does Fresh solve?

Consumers can visit numerous websites to learn about what is new and perhaps cool, but none of these sites tell you what is good. We solve this problem – we tell you what is new and cool and, perhaps most importantly, what is good.

Additionally, brands find it increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. We help the best products rise to the top through recommendations and social curation.

What are your immediate goals?

We are focused on continuing to add new customers and grow the website.

What were the biggest challenges involved in building Fresh?

The truth is, we do not know yet. Building a company is difficult, but we are prepared to handle any challenges that may arise as we move forward in developing fresh.

How will the company make money?

Currently, we are working hard to improve the customer experience, and grow both the fresh community and the website.

Who is in your team?

Stephen Svajian,Founder and CEO; George Truong, Technical Co-Founder and Head of Engineering; James Patterson,Chief Product Officer and Co-founder; David O. Sacks, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, Yammer and Investor, fresh; Christopher Stumph, Front End Developer; Ryan Foutty, Marketing;

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

In one year, we hope to have a couple hundred thousand users in the fresh community and a growing team. In three years, we hope to have millions of users and growing categories. In five years, we hope to hold an IPO.

Other than Fresh, what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

Quora, AngelList, Kickstarter, Uncrate, Facebook, Dribble and Stack Overflow.

Here is an example of a product video from the fresh platform: