Please describe what the company does

Laundrapp is the modern smart way to manage your laundry and dry cleaning for people that love life, but hate laundry!

With Laundrapp, our customers can now outsource their laundry and dry-cleaning with our simple, convenient and quality door-to-door collection and delivery service, making washing machines very much a thing of the past. Laundry freedom is literally a swipe away!  

What problems does it solve?

We love smart technology and innovation and recognized that the Laundry industry is one of the few industries that have yet been touched by modern technology.

Laundry is a hassle, we all waste countless hours managing our laundry and it really doesn’t need to be this way.

Using smart technology we’re empowering users and giving back valuable time to our customers that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Is this a crowded market? 

When we started out with the vision of Laundrapp this was the only service of its type in development.

As we progressed through the soft launch of Laundrapp, other services have emerged however as it stands, Laundrapp is the only service of its kind that covers the whole of London as well as recently expanding into Edinburgh and other new cities which are soon to be announced.

We really don’t see this as a crowded market, we have a core focus of putting the customers at the heart of every decision and innovation we make.

Our mission is simply to rid our customers from the hassle of laundry & dry cleaning. We don’t focus on what our competitors are doing; we’re too busy making our customers smile.  

What are your goals?

Our goals are very simple – we’re a team of tech savvy, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs with a long pedigree bringing smart technology to market to simplify the lives of everyday people.

Laundry & dry cleaning is an industry yet untouched by digital and is ripe for innovation. We’re proud to bring technology, innovation and disruption to this industry.   

What are the biggest challenges you face?

By far the biggest challenge with any new technology or innovation is educating the consumer.

What we’re doing with Laundrapp is creating an entirely new way to manage your laundry & dry cleaning, something that hasn’t changed in the lifetime of our customers.

Our competition is the washing machine…it’s an audacious goal however we’re taking war to the washing machine and therefore the biggest challenge we face as a business is simply re-educating our customers of a new way. 

How will you make money?

We simply make money through transactions made in Laundrapp. The app is free to download on iPhone / Android or tablet and you only commit to payment when placing an order.

The customer is charged on the re-delivery of their clothes so they only pay when they have finished the transaction and are entirely happy with the service. 

Who is in your team?

The complete founding team all have great experience in disruptive technology start-ups such as Groupon, Just Eat and Mind Candy amongst others.

Personally I’ve worked in the digital space now for 15+ years having launched a number of successful global services. More recently I have focussed my time on mentoring early stage digital start-up teams and other non-executive roles around entrepreneurship and growth marketing.

I’m really proud to say we have one of the most experienced digital teams in the UK and we all share the same spirit, passion and drive to change the world! We move fast and we’re not scared of breaking things like all great entrepreneurs should do.  


Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

I wish I could tell you, if I did then the response would almost certainly change by the end of this paragraph.

Success in a start-up is ensuring you are around tomorrow, a lot of days in a row – it’s really as simple as this.

We’re pioneering and innovating in a space yet to be touched by smart technology, sometimes you just need to jump and build the parachute on the way down.

We have a vision but how we get there is still to be determined. We’ll come back to you… 

What I can tell you is that we’ve been overwhelmed by the success of the London launch just two weeks ago, and based on this success we have already launched our second city, Edinburgh.

There aren’t many start-ups in the UK growing at this speed and trajectory, and we’ll be speeding up! Our plan is to bring Laundrapp to as many users in as many places as possible, as fast as possible!   

Other than your own, what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

I’m a huge tech geek! I live and breathe the digital world and have literally hundreds of tools I use that help me in both my personal and professional life.

Let me give you a few of my favorites….Slack, is a tool that I’m fairly new to however it’s revolutionised the way I collaborate in real time with my teams, something of a mix of Facebook meets Skype and I could barely consider a time when I didn’t use it.

Trello is also a wonderfully simple task management tool that I’ve personally used for a number of years and I’m yet to find such a simple and beautiful tool to help with day-to-day task management.

Lastly I am a huge Squarespace fan, I’m extremely creative by nature and love what they’ve done to simplify the world of web design and empower those looking to create beautiful and inspiring websites.