What is Quikkly?

With Quikkly for iOS and Android, what you see is what you get.

See it, scan it and you are there in the blink of an eye. Using Quikkly’s Action Tags, you can connect instantly to Wi-Fi, follow someone on Twitter or listen to the latest hit track on Spotify.

These are just some of the things that Quikkly makes possible wherever you are. 

What problems does it solve? 

When you see interesting stuff online and there’s a button to interact with it, you can click on it and something happens immediately. ‘Like’ on Facebook, ‘follow’ on Twitter, ‘add to basket’, ‘listen’ to the song. In the physical world, it’s considerably more difficult.

If you’re interested, you would have to manually search for the item, hope you find the right one, and hope it works on your mobile.

Quikkly removes the hassle and makes it as simple as it is online. You see the ‘button’, you scan it, and it’s done. The product is ‘liked’, the account is followed, the item is in your basket, the song is playing.

Quikkly also makes it super easy for anyone to create their own Action Tags, and use them on their business card, flyer or poster. It just takes a few seconds from within the app or online.

What are your goals for Quikkly? 

We see that a lot of people have been disappointed by other solutions in this space. Our immediate goal is to restore their faith that there can be a simple way to bridge the offline and online worlds.

To go back to those who have tried solutions like QR and say, “Hey, we think we’ve fixed it. Check it out.” We’re focused on doing that by making it super-easy for everyone to make their physical world interactive.

People are doing cool stuff all the time. Hopefully we can just help them get their message out in the physical world as well as online.

What are the biggest challenges you face? 

A challenge is that people have tried scanning before and been disappointed. So they’ve written it off. We believe they have not, until now, been presented with a solution simple and rewarding enough.

With Quikkly, we hope to restore their faith, make their effort worthwhile and ultimately save people time. 

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

We’re on a mission here to help people get more out of the physical world and to save people time. It will take time.

In five years’ time, we hope people will be able to look back and think: “How on earth would I have done this before?”

Other than your own, what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

Our current favourites are CityMapper and Afterlight. And there’s always a little time for Stick Hero.