While the affiliate model has worked very well online, there is a need for a solution which helps publishers to make the most of mobile.

This is what Tamome has been launched to achieve. I’ve been asking CEO and founder Christian Louca about the company, and its plans for the future… 

In one sentence, what is Tamome?

Tamome is a mobile affiliate advertising marketplace connecting advertisers with affiliates and publishers.

What problem/s does Tamome solve?

Today advertisers are buying media with a lot of risk and without clearly understanding how and why it performs; resulting in a lot of waste for every pound spent.  

Affiliates do not have mobile affiliate networks to scale up their mobile operations and many publishers are missing an opportunity to better effectively monetise their mobile assets. 

At Tamome we only bill our advertisers when we make a conversion for them, for instance; this could be data capture, calling a call centre, requesting product information, sending a customer in-store (footfall driver) or online (M-Commerce) and/or downloading an application.  

This virtually eliminates all of their risk, as they are only paying on results and therefore reduces their wastage on advertising when acquiring customers. 

This is an untapped market segment for mobile. When an affiliate looks to partner with a specialist mobile affiliate network there is a clear lack of choice in the market. We offer them mobile tracking, conversion, real-time reporting and revenue attribution through a web-based user interface.  

This allows them to better optimise their marketing effort, on the fly, when trying to drive conversions for the advertisers. Equally, they can have peace of mind that they are dealing with mobile experts that have the knowhow to achieve success through the channel.  

Many Affiliates do not understand how to capitalise in this space, yet they have an understanding that this is where the real growth is and where they want to be.  

It is a case of do it now or die trying later.  With our expert knowledge we are able to help affiliates finally realise the potential of driving incremental revenues through the mobile channel, Smartphones, Tablets or any wireless connected device.

Traditional content publishers that rely on advertising are struggling to effectively monetise their mobile assets. Today they are allowing their inventory to be traded through either a CPM or CPC pricing models.  

However, there is a far greater opportunity to sell the inventory when it converts for the client; this is what we call a cost per conversion pricing model.  Since the risk is much less for the advertiser the rewards are much greater.  We provide publishers with sophisticated tools that enable them to monetise their mobile assets this way.

When and why did you launch it?

I launched Tamome in February 2012, although we have only launched the beta in September. I have been working in mobile for over 10 years and recently got quite frustrated with how media was being sold to advertisers.  

Equally, I saw there was no one really looking at the affiliate space and saw first-hand how badly some publishers were monetising their mobile assets. The online affiliate model is a great one and I believe that with mobile it is the future.  

We are the next generation of advertising disrupting the market. Quite simply you get rewarded for doing something of value rather than the potential. Therefore, it is your number one priority to make sure it is working through-out the entire value chain; the advertiser, the affiliate, the publisher and the consumer.     

Unfortunately, I see the mobile market just replicating the fixed web-environment without vision. We are in danger of just re-producing an old format and dumping it on to a new format and are in the process of irritating many consumers with irrelevant advertising.  

However, I believe mobile brings much greater opportunity than this. Simply put, mobile has the power to facilitate intent, research, engagement, desire, perceived value and purchase all through one device no matter the location.  

I am making sure that we support the market in driving this forward and bring back relevance to the consumer.

Who is your target audience?

Fortune 100 organisations down to SMEs. 

What are your immediate goals?

The good news is that we have already successfully run our trials. After much sweat and tears we built out our beta product in just five months. Therefore, we are revenue generating with some major clients and will carry to build upon this into the New Year.  

We are laser focused on getting the company through its next stage of growth and developing the product out of beta. We are currently active in a second round of finance that will be used to finance this.

What were the biggest challenges involved in building Tamome?

Having the vision of what is to come ahead in the market and then understand how to create a business to support it, with a team that shares your passion and motivations.  

Building the technology was the easy part, although I am sure my CTO would argue otherwise.

How will the company make money?

Advertisers pay us money to find them customers and then we share that with our partners on a pre-defined revenue share.

Who is in your team?

Obviously there is me, Christian Louca (@christianlouca), Founder and CEO. I have 10 years’ experience in mobile and most recently built two multi-million advertising businesses for YOC.  

Then there is Jonathan Webb. He is my CTO, looks after all things technical. He has a background of working out complex things for the likes of Symbian and Nokia.  We have two developers based in Poland and a campaign manager starting with us in the new year.

Where would you like to be in one, three and five year’s time?

One year: Alive and breathing.

Three years: At the forefront and pioneer of the mobile affiliate market.

Five years:  Exit and returning my investors’ money with a big smile and a ‘I told you so’.

Other than Tamome, what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

Go to www.nimbletank.com on your mobile phone, for those of you that want to know what an amazing mobile website experience is. Well done to the guys there.