In one sentence, what is your product/service?

Tame is a context search engine that delivers at a glance the most relevant links, topics and people from Twitter.

What problem(s) does it solve?

Users drown in the flood of information on the social web. Take Twitter: nearly every user follows more people than manageable. Also, during peak times, more than 300,000 tweets are sent out per minute. Hence users miss a lot of important content.

Professionals working with social media need to identify relevant topics, users and content quickly. A solution to tame the social web is needed!

What are your immediate goals?

We will introduce Tame to the US market in the upcoming months as we are taking part in the German Silicon Valley Accelerator, a program organised by the German Ministry of Economics. 

What were the biggest challenges involved in building the tech or your team?

Before we founded the company we needed to find a “hacker”, a developer, that would team up with two ‘hacks’ (journalists).

When starting to build the solution, we came to realize that finding and keeping a focus is essential for young startups. 

How will the company make money?

Freemium for B2C. Monthly subscription for premium features (infinite global searches, tweet editor, multiple account management) start at €5.

A further revenue stream comes from providing B2B customers with company accounts, data via API and embeddable widgets that can track specific keywords (such as a conference hashtag). 

Who is in your team?

Frederik Fischer, an experienced journalist with extensive knowledge of industry trends, is our CEO.

Arno Dirlam, a gifted software developer and database specialist coordinates the development as CTO. Torsten Müller handles all things marketing and PR as CMO. We have recently grown the team to nine people.

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

One year: Tame has entered the US, UK and other English-speaking markets and one more country, preferably Brazil. 

Three years: Other social networks that offer real time information flows and work with hashtags or similar indicators will be included, such as Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest.

Five years: Tame is not only a search and discovery engine, but also a community, where users can share their curated content.

Other than your own , what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

Twitter itself to begin with. Then Jira, Github and Google apps are essential for organizational things. Then there’s also a fresh service called Climbur, which provides advice and insights from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.