Wanderfly is a New York-based travel startup which recommends holidays and trips based on their interests and budget. 

I’ve been asking Co-founder Christy Liu about Wanderfly…

In one sentence, what is Wanderfly?

Wanderfly is a travel inspiration site that helps people discover new experiences based on their budgets and interests. 

What problem does Wanderfly solve?

Most travel websites have very narrow search parameters, where the traveler has to know exactly when they are going and where they are going in order to get results.

However, most travelers don’t always have those answers as soon as they decide they want to travel. They need inspiration. That’s where Wanderfly comes in.

With great open-ended search parameters and results, Wanderfly gives travelers exciting recommendations on where to take their next trip. Travelers can then browse activities, create lists of destinations, search curated activities and content, and even browse and book flights and hotels.

It’s the natural progression of travel planning, from start to finish.  

When and why did you launch it?

We launched in October 2010 because we saw that a large traveler need was not being met. The response we’ve received has shown that many people agree with us. 

Who is your target audience?

With many different recommendations based on both a traveler’s budget and their interests, Wanderfly can be curated for a wide variety of audiences.

Most of our users are young professionals who are looking to find great experiential trips, from those looking for a romantic getaway to those wishing to scale mountains and experience the outdoors.

We’ve found that a variety of travelers come to find inspiration at Wanderfly.  

What are your immediate goals?

Our immediate goals are to build traffic and establish great strategic partnerships. We have already seen a steady increase in our traffic numbers and those numbers continue to rise as more and more travelers get excited about what we’re doing.

We are constantly trying to find other great brands that help us showcase awesome travel experiences for our users.  

What were the biggest challenges involved in building Wanderfly?

We wanted to build Wanderfly with the user in mind, and that’s the main reason behind the design and functionality of the site. You’ll notice when you visit Wanderfly that its a simplistic, almost minimalist, approach to the usual clutter you see on online travel sites.

The biggest challenge was making sure we kept the functionality and simplicity of the site intact while making sure we give users great options for travel. 

How will the company make money?

A few ways: custom sponsorships with brands that want to own/customize their own areas on Wanderfly; technology licensing with other sites that want to use Wanderfly’s proprietary technology to power their own content; commissions from bookings (hotels, flights, activities, etc.) that users make on our site.

Who is in the team and what does it look like?

Wanderfly has four co-founders and several employees, including those that manage production, marketing, business development and content. Despite our growth of business, we’ve decided to stay small to stay flexible.

We work in Projective Space in Soho, New York where most of us work from our laptops from desks, tables and couches. We pride ourselves in being a very closely knit team. 

Where would you like to be in one, three and five year’s time?

In one year we want a large number of people and brands to help us curate better travel recommendations.

In three years we want to be synonymous with the [online] starting point of travel.

In five years we want to be the company that gets people all over to travel more.