In one sentence, what is Whisbi?

Whisbi is a provider of real-time lead management technology that enables ecommerce businesses to engage and convert online customers by providing an ‘offline’ experience, online. 

What problem(s) does Whisbi solve?

Whisbi solves a unique problem for any ecommerce company whilst simultaneously converting their online traffic into sales. The problem we solve is how to link up lead generation and site traffic with what is happening inside a contact centre. At the same time we improve site conversion by reducing shopping basket abandonment and site off drop rates. The first thing we do is change ‘call me back’ into an instant ‘call me now’ function.

Then we add a friendly face to the conversation, so that consumers can see the sale specialist. We can do this on 99% of web browsers – across desktops, laptops and tablets. Then we integrate a powerful set of reporting, analytics and optimisation tools called the Whisbi Deck.

This allows the ecommerce company to see in real-time how their online marketing is performing inside any number of contact centres. The valuable insights and transparency help to harness Big Data enabling companies improve their online performance.

What are your immediate goals?

Establish the business as a leader in improving ROI for our clients in the UK. We currently have improved conversion rates of 300% for customers in Spain and Germany, so the UK is next on the hit list.

What were the biggest challenges involved in building Whisbi?

Developing a video and voice solution that reaches 99% of consumers and which requires no plugins. We have combined two different channels in a unique and simple way. Others have tried but made it very complicated to scale up. Our solution is 100% cloud-based and seamless to integrate onto existing websites and inside back office contact centres, both big and small.

How does the company make money?

We are 100% performance based and charge our clients on a cost per lead (CPL) basis. Our model is a bit like a pay as you go mobile phone, if it works well you want to use it more and more. 

Who is in your team?

Whisbi was co-founded by Alex Bisbe, a born entrepreneur, with a passion for innovation and disruptive business models. Alex is the creator of the Video Agent concept along with José Luís Cantero, our CTO.  

There is a world-class team at our HQ in Barcelona helping to scale the business globally.

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years’ time?

In a year we plan have customers live in the UK, USA and across the Nordics. In 3 years time we hope to be managing millions of real-time leads per month for our clients and have launched in the Asia-Pacific. In five years will want to be a one billion dollar company with headquarters in the USA.

Other than Whisbi, what are your favourite websites / apps / tools?

  • Amazon – the king of online shopping of course.
  • Flipboard – the one app you must have on you iPad.
  • DropBox – for ease of use and ending the need for memory sticks forever.
  • Eventbrite – this lets everyone be an event organiser.
  • PayPal – the easiest way to pay online. Love the mobile side as well.