StartupSearch is a new website that gives information on the latest Web 2.0 startups, launched by a former employee of Technorati and Microsoft.

Startup Search tracks web startups, their products, key employees, investment firms, and investment partners. It also tracks the success of startups, using traffic and ‘buzz’ stats, from Technorati, Alexa and other sources.  


In the example above, the Trulia page gives a brief description of the company, links to recent news, details of competitor sites, as well as traffic graphs and buzz stats – which include the number of Technorati searches and blog mentions of the firm.

In addition, it lists details of funding rounds and investors, telling you that Trulia has raised $17m over three funding rounds.

The site is sponsored, and therefore free to use. As startups become well established, they will be retired from the list.

This is a useful resource, putting a good variety of startup information in one place.