Adobe and the CMO Council recently released their Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012 report, which highlights the state of digital marketing in the Asia-Pacific region.

Unfortunately the report found that while interest in digital marketing is high, many countries are lagging behind when it comes to ROI metrics, talent and digital strategies.

A huge 93% of marketers said they believed digital marketing could create a competitive advantage for their company, but only 6% thought their company had a high level of digital marketing proficiency. 

And when it came to reasons why Asia-Pacific was falling behind its foreign counterparts, low budgets and lack of talent came out as key issues, with 38% saying that a lack of hiring budget prevented senior talent from being brought on board, resulting in lesser skilled marketers.

The infographic below illustrates digital marketing adoption across the Asia-Pacific region with respect to four categories: mindset, marketing, marketing readiness, organisational alignment and marketing skills.

Each category features a ranking of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.