As we continue to update the format of our Internet Statistics Compendium to reflect the new taxonomy of the Econsultancy site, this month we can announce the launch of a new part of our ever-growing stats bundle, The Strategy and Operations Statistics Compendium.

This document will seek to collect publicly available data and our own research on overall digital strategy, covering: spend, ROI and marketing activity trends among companies and agencies from a range of regional markets.

As well as all the regular ISC data we collect, this month we’ve added the following strategy and operations stats:

UK digital salary trends from Propel

The latest research from Propel looks at salary trends for those working in the UK digital industry over the past four years.

Those working in the industry may be pleased to know that the overall average digital salary in 2013 is £43,310, having increased from £40,709 since 2009.

The Propel data also goes into further depth to show how certain job types in the industry are proving increasingly valuable to marketers – with, for instance, middleweight creative technologists and copywriters seeing average salaries at over £50,000 in 2012.

Online measurement and strategy from Econsultancy/Lynchpin 

We have also included plenty of own stats in the latest update. For example, our recent research with web analytics consultancy Lynchpin looks at online measurement and strategy trends among in-house marketers as well as agencies across a range of global markets.

Our study with Lynchpin found that 19% of agencies say their clients have a company-wide strategy that ties data collection and analysis to business objectives, up from 15% in 2012. 

Data and analytics is certainly becoming an important investment for businesses, according to agencies.

Marketing budgets from Econsultancy/Responsys

Responsys worked with us on the recent Marketing Budgets 2013 report, some of which will also be of interest to strategy and operations fans.

Both in-house marketers and agencies are seeing increases in digital marketing budgets.

Additionally, when it comes to specific digital activities, both companies and agencies are seeing prospective increases in content marketing – 70% of companies say they plan to spend more and 72% of agencies say their clients intend to do so.

The Strategy and Operations Statistics Compendium joins our other new-look ISCs, which cover online advertising, content marketing, customer experience, demographics & technology adoption, ecommerce, email/eCRM, mobile, search, social media, analytics and B2B respectively.