Last week I looked at Zady, an eco-friendly fashion and homeware ecommerce brand.

This time around I’ve decided to turn the spotlight on Jaeger, an English fashion label predominately aimed at women.

Personally I would class much of what Jaeger does as content marketing rather than storytelling, but that’s because I’m a fusspot.

Here’s a look at some of the work Jaeger does on its site to tell the brand story, but for more on the company’s ecommerce strategy read my interview with head of ecommerce Simon Spencelayh

Ecommerce site

In my post on Zady I noted that the brand story was woven into every aspect of the ecommerce site, including the homepage and product pages.

Jaeger doesn’t go to the same lengths, which is potentially missing a trick as it has more than 100 years of heritage and some interesting stories to tell behind its products.

The story behind the brand is presented on the ‘about us’ page, which includes attractive imagery of old ad campaigns and celebrities wearing Jaeger’s products.

It could be made more interactive, potentially with some video content added in, but it’s a good start.

Jaeger also has an online Journal that sits within the top nav.

This is a fairly common feature among fashion brands these days, but Jaeger’s content is unique as much of it focuses on the company’s heritage and celebrates its history.

There is a regular ‘flashback’ feature that delves into the company’s archives to tell the story behind old images.

One example is this photo from 1956 of model Anne Gunning wearing a Jaeger coat in front of the City Palace in Jaipur.

By retelling the stories behind glamorous photos from the past Jaeger is reinforcing its reputation as an iconic, heritage brand.

Another article worth flagging up is one entitled ‘Our past inspiring our present’. Jaeger turned 130 last year and to celebrate it used archive images to inspire its AW14 range.

Again, it’s a way of telling the story behind the brand while also marketing its new clothes.

The Journal also features articles that one would consider to be more formulaic, such as fashion edits, interviews and product wishlists, but these all help to reinforce the brand image.

Gostwyck Wool

This is the campaign that first brought Jaeger’s storytelling to my attention.

In August it launched a new range of clothing that is made using wool from Gostwyck farm in Australia.

The sheep are given an extremely high level of care and attention, which apparently means their wool is of a higher quality.

Jaeger had exclusive rights to the wool in the UK and made the most of it with this neat video telling the story behind Gostwyck farm.

The campaign also involved Jaeger’s other social channels, including the Journal and a Pinterest board.

A Voyage of Endurance

Exactly 100 years ago Ernest Shackleton attempted to cross Antarctica on his famous Endurance Expedition.

Why is this important? Because his team were all wearing Jaeger.

Jaeger is celebrating the centenary with a series of blog posts that focus on the moment when Shackleton’s ship became stuck fast in ice near the Antarctic Peninsula in January 1915.

Journalist Jonathan Thompson and photographer Mark Chilvers have been sent over to report on their experiences in the region, and describe how their Jaeger kit holds up to the cold.

There are seven articles in total that will be revealed at regular intervals throughout January.

This is another neat bit of storytelling as it associates Jaeger with a noble era of exploration while also promoting the quality of its products.

It could, however, do a better job of promoting this story via its other social channels.

At the moment I can only see one tweet and a single Facebook post about the Voyage of Endurance, so how are people going to become aware of the expedition?

Jaeger presumably invested a lot of money in this trip so should be making a bigger deal of it. Where are the videos showing the voyage by sea, the penguins and the looming Antarctic landscape?

Or at least some extra mentions on social or by email? It could be a really interesting story but at the moment Jaeger is missing a trick.