stumbleupon-logoAs social media adoption continues to grow, many marketers find
themselves struggling to track down and engage the right audience, which
could explain why sharing site Stumbleupon has seen such rapid growth
in its advertising platform since launching in March.

Yesterday the company’s CEO Garett Camp announced growth in excess of 20% over the last 4 months, no mean feat in a US economy still struggling to regain ground, while 2,000 users running nearly 3,000 campaigns through the platform represented a 30% growth in daily activity.

Speaking to WebProNews, Camp stated: 

Brand marketers and advertisers have recognized that StumbleUpon Ads can attract highly targeted audiences to their web content quickly and cost-effectively.

While the same may be true of other social advertising such as Facebook ads, Stumbleupon appeals to users by allowing them to preselect the kind of content they will be provided, meaning that the user has already expressed an interest in any advertising that reaches them.

While this approach is still fundamentally broadcasting, the ability to connect to users who have previously stated an interest, rather than running broad spread ads initially represents a solid social investment for advertisers, with more than half of ad traffic appearing organically.

While Stumbleupon’s 10m active users may be small compared to Facebook’s 500m, the platform generates almost 600m recommendations per month, and it’s this ability to drive useful traffic directly that may be the way forward that social media marketers are looking for.

While the wisdom of organizing customers into niche funnels remains to be seen, with web users become more adept at filtering out advertising they don’t want to see, some have countered by making advertising harder to ignore –bigger, brasher and more intrusive.

Given these figures, it seems that more work to integrate advertising directly into the user journey could be a more effective system for social marketers.