StumbleUpon yesterday announced the launch of a new video service that will offer viewers a selection of videos from YouTube, Google Video and MySpace, based on their personal preferences.

StumbleUpon has until now been known for a browsing application which helps Web users discover sites based on the ratings of users with similar tastes. It is now applying the same idea to video. And it’s pretty cool.

StumbleUpon has 1.65 million registered users in 139 countries, who ‘stumble upon’ four million sites per day. Users rate items by clicking a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ icon.

Like does with music, StumbleVideo uses your viewing history, and that of other users,  to recommend videos that fit in with your preferences. It also has a social element - it allows you to connect with users who enjoyed the same videos

David Feller of StumbleUpon believes his service offers something different:

“Stumble Video allows people to discover great videos they would likely never find using traditional keyword searches. The experience is like channel surfing through video content that is laser-targeted to your tastes.”

The site is simple and easy to use – after entering your email adress and selecting your preferred types of video,  you give each clip a thumbs up or thumbs down and over time these ratings are used to define the videos it offers you.

Unlike other video sites, StumbleVideo doeasn’t allow you to comment on the clips and, if you’re looking for a particular piece of footage, then you would be better off with YouTube or Google Video.

StumbleUpon generates revenue from ads in the websites its users are visiting, though it is not selling ads on the new video service as yet.

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