Fashion brands are generally in the business of selling clothes.

But getting consumers to Like you on Facebook is difficult, so Amsterdam-based Stüssy apparently decided that a different approach was required to boost the number of fans it has on Facebook.

That approach: a Strip for Likes campaign, which encourages Facebook users to Like the brand’s Facebook page by offering, in return, to undress a model wearing the company’s apparel.

AdRants details:

Arnold Amsterdam put together this program for clothing brand Stussy. Of the effort, Arnold Creative Director Colin Lamberton said, “As you can imagine the model must be suffocating under that many layers of clothing. It is almost a public duty to free her out of this misery so we are expecting Facebook fans to help out here. Like and undress.”

As part of the process, people can invite their friends to come to the page and Like the campaign as well.

TheNextWeb’s Nancy Messieh notes that Facebook has rules around nudity, so it’s unlikely that some of those opting to Like Stüssy’s page may not get what they were looking for. Messieh also points out that Facebook forbids brands from using promotions, like sweepstakes and competitions, to generate Likes. Conceivably, Stüssy’s campaign might run afoul of Facebook’s policies.

But Facebook’s policies are probably the least of Stüssy’s concerns.

There’s an obvious question as to whether this is really a good campaign from a brand positioning standpoint. After all, the company does make clothing for women too, and it’s not unreasonable to expect that at least some of them would be offended by the Strip for Likes campaign. Even those not offended by the campaign’s theme might suggest that Stüssy would have been wiser to target its campaign to both men and women by allowing new fans to choose between a female and male model.

Beyond brand positioning, there’s also a question as to the efficacy of Stüssy’s campaign. Right now, the company’s Facebook Page has approximately 620 Likes, up by a few hundred in a day from what I can tell. That may be a respectable, if not impressive, gain, but as TheNextWeb’s Messieh suggests, Stüssy’s new fans may not be the type it’s looking for if “the majority [of them] are hitting the ‘Like’ button for all the wrong reasons.”