Online Learning

Boost your skills and knowledge across the core digital disciplines, with a selection of elearning courses and tools, available to all Econsultancy subscribers


Dip in and out for a quick knowledge boost.

Choose from 70+ bite-sized video modules covering the key digital marketing topics and important trends. With each video lasting less than five minutes, Microlearning is perfect when you need a quick overview or refresher on a digital topic.

Whether you dip in or watch the full suite, you’ll gain a solid understanding of digital, alongside recommended resources to support you further.

Fast Track to Digital Marketing Online

Get up to speed with all things digital.

Newly-updated for summer 2019, the Fast Track to Digital Marketing provides a complete overview of digital marketing through 12 engaging video modules, lasting around 30 minutes each.

Dive into particular modules to update your knowledge, or complete the full course to gain a thorough understanding of all things digital. Expect the very latest developments and best practice, additional recommended readings and end of module quizzes to reinforce your learning. Learn more about the course here, or dive straight in below.

Fast Track to Modern Marketing Online

Learn the essential skills for modern marketing.

Based directly on our Modern Marketing Model (M3), this Fast Track course is designed to give you the practical skills and immediately applicable techniques to advance your understanding of marketing in the digital era.

Co-authored and taught by Econsultancy founder, Ashley Friedlein, the course is delivered through 10 video modules, with recommend readings and an optional exam at the end to test your knowledge.

GDPR Essentials for Marketers

Learn everything you need to know about the data protection regulations from the comfort of your desk. Understand the laws of privacy, the requirements of the regulators, and how they can positively help to unlock and grow marketing strategy.


"We’ve had tremendous success upskilling across the organisation using Econsultancy”

NSPCC’s Head of Digital, Clive Gardiner, shares his team’s experience of using Econsultancy.