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What is standing in the way of you and your resources?

As an Econsultancy subscriber, you have exclusive access to 10,000+ resources, providing essential best practice, insight and data. These are all designed to help you maximise your day-to-day performance, grow your skills and achieve your longer term strategic goals. So whatever may be holding you back, we’ve got some advice below to help you make the most of your Econsultancy resources.

I never have time

We know things can be hectic at the best of times, but your subscriber resources can actually save you time in the long run by enabling you to be more efficient and effective in your role. So, we’ve provided some handy tips to help you quickly make the most of your resources and boost your productivity.

1) Get straight to what you need

Powerful search – search the site and filter by topic, region or content type for instant and accurate content suggestions. Plus, search within our reports or use the contents menu to jump straight to relevant sections and discover key insights in no time at all.

Topic hub pages – open the TOPICS menu from the top of our site to quickly and easily find a wealth of content relating to a specific discipline, sector, or trending topic.

2) Find market data instantly

Find data – save time and effort sourcing market stats by visiting the Internet Statistics Database, which provides over 10,000+ pieces of data, collated from a range of verified sources on your behalf.

Download data – all our stats, charts and data can be instantly downloaded and added to your plans and presentations.

3) Get key insights, faster

Webinars – if you don’t have time to read one of our reports in full, sign up for our monthly webinars to discover the key trends, developments and best practice from our extensive research reports, in one concise session.

Watch anytime – missed a webinar or unable to make one? All of our webinars are available on-demand. Simply sign up to watch them later, at a time that suits you.

4) Boost your productivity

Microlearning – make your meetings more effective; brush up on a topic in just a few minutes with 50+ bitesize video modules.

Fast Track to Digital Marketing – ensure you are at the top of your game. Take our online course or dip in and out of relevant modules to refresh your knowledge and learn new skills.

I can’t log in

Three quick steps to log in

In order to access your premium subscriber resources, it’s essential that you are signed in. Don’t worry, we can help get you back up and running in no time. Just follow three simple steps:

Still struggling? Contact our friendly customer services team for further support. Go on, we don’t bite!

I don’t know where to start

With over 10,000+ pieces of content covering 12 core marketing topics across B2B and B2C, we can understand why it might seem a little overwhelming to know where to start with your subscription. So we’ve provided 5 quick tips for getting started and finding what you need.

1) Start with the Digital Skills Index

Begin your Econsultancy journey with the Digital Skills Index (DSI), a quick online test which enables you to assess, benchmark and develop your digital knowledge by providing you with personalised content recommendations, based on your scores in 11 digital topics.

It’s the perfect starting point.

2) Search for instant relevant resources

Use the search bar at the top of our homepage to instantly search our entire database of resources. Then refine your results by filtering on region, topic, and type of resource, whether this is a report, webinar, case study, template, training resource or article.

3) Dive into a topic with our hub pages

Interested in a particular topic? Our hub pages collate all the latest and best resources relating to your chosen digital marketing discipline. You can then delve into more specific areas relating to the topic, to hone in on exactly what you need.

4) Download our handy infographic

Access our infographic for a quick, visual guide that will show you the way and get you up and running with your key resources in 5 quick steps.

5) Book a bespoke webinar tour

Take a quick webinar tour of your subscription with our friendly client services team. We’ll highlight the resources that are directly relevant for you, where to find them and how to make the most of them, time efficiently.

Get in touch to book your tour: + 44 (0) 207 970 4322.

I’m confused, I visit all the time

Sign in to access your premium resources

You’ve assured us that you visit the site all the time and don’t worry, we trust you!

So it may be that you aren’t signed in. Don’t forget that all of our most valuable content is exclusive to subscribers like you, so to access it, you need to be signed in to your subscriber account.

Take a moment to double-check by visiting the sign-in page. If you see the screen to the right, it means you are not currently signed in.

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Something else is holding me back

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