Despite falling broadband prices, customers’ satisfaction with their broadband service providers has fallen by 9% over the last year.

In a YouGov survey of more than 11,000 broadband customers, conducted for uSwitch, Orange and TalkTalk were both rated bottom for the services they offered, even though both launched ‘free broadband’ packages this year.

• Virgin came out top in the survey, with 85% of its users satisfied with the overall service. Telewest were next on 83%, with Tiscali on 80%.

• Orange and TalkTalk came joint bottom on overall satisfaction with 70%.

• For customer service, Telewest scored highest with 72%

• TalkTalk and Orange also came bottom in the customer service category, with 42% and 46% respectively.

• NTL and BT also saw their customers’ satisfaction levels drop. BT’s fell to 76% from 82% in March, with NTL’s falling to 72% from 81%.

Service providers cannot continue cutting broadband prices forever so, on the evidence of this survey, they will need to improve their customer services in order to recruit and retain customers.

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