Both of these devices accounted for nearly double the amount of visits to fashion etailers in 2013 compared to 2012, while desktop’s share of the visits has decreased from 81% to 66%.

In fact the total number of consumers browsing fashion websites using desktop devices on Cyber Monday increased by just 1.8% in 2013.


It’s safe to say then it is not desktop that is responsible for the significant rise in fashion visits. This becomes clearer as you delve into the figures: mobile visits increased 146% and tablet 113% respectively from 2012. 


Both mobile and tablet experienced a conversion rate rise of 0.1%, whilst desktop added an extra 0.6% to its conversion rate to reach 4.9%.

This can be put down to a combination of factors. A couple to think about could be:

  • Retailers putting more effort into conversion rate optimisation and usability of their desktop sites.
  • The increase in mobile visits could be passing more conversions through to desktop. For example, more showrooming and research via mobile, then users perform their purchase on the desktop.

This raises a couple of key points that e-tailers need to think about in the coming year:

  • Optimising your site for mobile and tablet – to get more conversions from those devices.
  • Attribution and tracking users across different devices.

The diagrams below show the different in conversion rates on cyber Monday for each of these devices.


Overall Cyber Monday fashion site revenue was up 35% YOY. Below is a comparison of the share per device type vs last year.

Much of this 35% rise can be attributed to desktop. Revenue is up 18% for this medium from just a 1.8% increase in visits – however again to see the real driver of growth you have to look past desktop.

Revenue from tablets was up a huge 122% on Cyber Monday 2013 compared to last year’s. And unlike the reasoning behind desktop’s growth in revenue – which can be attributed to a myriad of factors including improving conversion rates, the state of the economy with more people spending and increased prices – the reason for tablet’s increased contribution revenue is simply down to their more widespread use.

Yes Cyber Monday is just one day, but it acts as a microscope for examining the fashion ecommerce industry, and the key takeaways from this year’s are that shopping habits are changing, with more reliance on mobile and tablets.

Desktop still converts at higher percentage, however tablet and mobile obviously form an increasingly large part of the buying process. This is a trend that is only set to continue.

As mentioned previously, all this goes to show the changes that are occurring on how we use the internet on various devices, and ecommerce sites need to think about this cross device tracking to learn and evolve. 

Mobile and tablet optimised sites are key in fashion. This trend will only continue as sites become more attune with these devices.