affiliate networks

What is affiliate marketing & why do you need it?

No doubt you’re all sick of hearing about ad blocking by now, but it has opened up some interesting conversations around alternative ways for publishers to make money. 

Affiliate marketing is one such method, and it is also a way for retailers to sell more products with relatively little up-front investment. 

In this post I’m going to cover everything you need to know if you’re new to affiliate marketing, whether you’re a retailer or a publisher.  

Understanding smartphones as an influencing device

Mobile commerce has witnessed staggering growth over the past few years.

We have been monitoring this activity for the past five years and in that time we have seen the share of mobile traffic increase from just 2%, to in excess of 50% of clicks through a tablet or smartphone. 

Is the role of the affiliate network changing?

Anyone working in affiliate marketing will tell you it’s a complex
channel. Typically the day to day grind of an affiliate network is to
try and make sense of this complexity, juggling priorities and
conflicting interests, resolutely performing the role of middleman and

Yet as the industry matures and grows in both value and influence, is the role of the affiliate network changing?