Arena Flowers

Five good and four bad examples of brands using Twitter

Twitter is a brilliant tool for communicating with consumers and when used effectively can be a great way of building customer loyalty.

In recent weeks I’ve come across a number of brands that have excellent Twitter strategies and several that I thought were less impressive.

This could be because they were dull, unimaginative or simply weren’t living up to their potential.

So to shine some light on the differences between those brands getting it right and those that perhaps aren’t, here are five good and four bad examples of brands using Twitter…

How Arena Flowers used Twitter to deal with a customer service catastrophe

Fans of funny Twitter feeds will probably be aware of Arena Flowers’ comedy account, and I highly recommend that you start following it if you’re not already.

The florist adopted its rather offbeat strategy in 2011 after achieving limited success with a more traditional approach to social marketing, however it was forced to abandon the comic tweets recently following a disaster with its Valentine’s Day deliveries.

A series of problems with the supply chain meant that a number of orders didn’t arrive on time, so the customer service team turned to Twitter to help deal with the flood of queries and complaints.

The crisis has since subsided and the comedy tweets are back up and running, so I spoke to Arena Flowers’ managing director Will Wynne about how the company used Twitter to help deal with the situation…