Soar above the SEO bar with page-centric strategy

As search marketers, we know that there are proven methods of improving our page rank such as creating unique and relevant content with the right keywords, promoting this content, and building links from the domains that matter. 

These are methods that have been used for the past ten years and while, these methods have been quite effective, SEO is more complex today. 

The rise of social media as an effective SEO tool, the growing competitiveness of SEO, and tough guidelines by search engines, call for a re-evaluation of how we have been doing SEO.

Why Google needs to be less Kafkaesque

Joe Friedlein is the founder of Browser Media, a UK based search engine marketing agency. 

Browser Media has been the victim of a Google penalty which has seen its pages almost disappear from the SERPs. 

I’ve been asking Joe about the possible reasons for the penalty and his frustration at the Kafkaesque nature of Google’s (non)communication with webmasters. 

What you can learn from the web’s most unscrupulous merchant

Last Friday, the New York Times detailed the antics of a gentleman who
may be a contender for the web’s most unscrupulous merchant. Unlike
other unscrupulous merchants, including the lazy, the flaky and the
scammy, “Mr. B” has taken great pride in his unsavory — and potentially
criminal — treatment of customers.

Many of the responses to the New York Times piece have centered on
Google’s role in Mr. B’s online business, which sells eyewear online.
That’s because Mr. B worked his site up the rankings by taking advantage
of the fact that many of the complaints being posted about his business
online were generating valuable backlinks despite the fact that these
backlinks, of course, were not really positive signals.

SEOs are not spammers, evildoers, or opportunists

It seems like every few months, somebody has to write a blog post
calling SEO a ‘scam‘ of some sort. It’s a meme that always works and
this time around, it’s coming from a guy named Derek Powazek, who calls
SEOs “spammers, evildoers, and opportunists“.

It’s a great linkbait, which, ironically, is sure to help Powazek’s SERPs.