Barclaycard: A B2B content marketing journey

What are the challenges for financial service businesses that want to adopt a content marketing model?

Barclaycard’s B2B content hub launched a new section this month, ‘News and insights’, so I caught up with Andrew McNamee, vice president of digital strategy, to find out more about Barclaycard’s content marketing journey.

Here’s some of what he had to say…

Barclaycard’s social customer service: balancing compliance with communication

How difficult is it for a major company in the financial services industry to maintain an efficient customer service channel that fully complies to banking regulations whilst also operating in the public eye?

Richard Atkinson is the assistant VP of social media and incident management at Barclaycard. Yesterday he was interviewed by Joshua March, CEO of Conversocial during Our Social Times’ Social Customer Service Summit 2014 in which he revealed how Barclaycard has worked through it’s regulatory and compliance issues to provide high quality social customer service

These are the main takeaways from their conversation.