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Key trends in online identity verification (so everybody knows you’re a dog)

Danny Bluestone, CEO of UX-driven digital transformation agency Cyber-Duck, looks at key trends in online identity verification. The Internet was once a more anonymous space. People hid their real identities, coming up with unique and sometimes bizarre pseudonyms to represent themselves on specific websites. As services and socialising shifted online, identifying each other digitally has become […]

Five potential UX issues with biometrics

I have recently become involved in the growing field of biometrics standards and believe the various technologies should be of great interest to digital marketers.

However, when I searched the Econsultancy site, I found that biometrics was mainly seen as a tool for market and user research

Given the explosion in digital fraud and the difficulty of combining secure access with easy access, I believe biometrics have a great part to play in creating an engaging user experience.