TSB, Birchbox, and Grosvenor Group on what’s next for CX

At Econsultancy Live last month, Richard Robinson, MD of Xeim Engage, chaired a panel with guests Emma Stacey, Brand and Marketing Director for TSB; Katie Avon, Director of Marketing for Grosvenor Group; and Alex Valibona, Managing Director for Birchbox. The question up for debate – what’s next for CX? More specifically, what customer behaviour trends […]

How Birchbox and Trendyol approach data and personalisation

With four million customers and operations in six countries, Birchbox has been at the forefront of innovation in the beauty sector.

Though it might be less well-known, Turkey’s leading ecommerce site Trendyol has been similarly innovative in understanding the fashion needs of consumers.

In-store tech: the screen in the corner that nobody wants to use

We’re obsessed with the evolution of the shopping experience.

Established retailers are trying to learn more about their customers’ shopping habits. The ones getting it wrong are trying to mash tech and the store together into one unwieldy omnichannel concept that turns the customer cold.

This can be summed up as “the screen in the corner that nobody wants to use”.