Six brilliant blogs from the beauty industry

In an industry heavily geared around tips, tricks and word-of-mouth recommendations, a blog is a beauty brand’s bread and butter.

It might seem like an outdated notion in today’s Snapchat-style world, however for many, it is the linchpin behind a truly effective content strategy.

11 excellent responsive WordPress themes for bloggers or SMEs

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform around thanks to its user-friendly interface and affordable themes.

And in keeping with current web trends there are a huge number of excellent responsive templates currently available.

For small businesses or amateur bloggers a responsive WordPress theme is an excellent option as it allows the site owner to offer users a mobile experience without spending loads of money.

I’ve previously rounded up 10 simple responsive WordPress themes for small businesses, and to add to that list here are 11 more that are available either for free or for a relatively small investment.

The 10 most common mistakes of blogger outreach

The practise of blogger or influencer “engagement” is one of the most widely-used tactics in marketing these days, done by almost everyone, from PR agencies to SEOs, social marketers to spammers.

It’s also one of the most commonly derided amongst the recipients and much-debated amongst bloggers and professionals – but rarely addressed by marketers themselves.

If you’re doing it well, why share the secrets with your competitors? Sadly, a lot of marketers are doing it very badly indeed, and something needs to be done about it…

10 simple responsive WordPress themes for small businesses and blogs

Responsive design is one of the hottest trends in web design at the moment as it’s seen as the most effective way of creating a consistent user experience across all devices.

For blogs that rely on social to promote their content it’s very important to have some sort of mobile optimised site as it’s inevitable that a large proportion of social referrals will come through mobile devices.

For small businesses or amateur bloggers a responsive WordPress theme is an excellent option as it allows the site owner to offer users a mobile experience without spending loads of money.

There are many responsive templates available either for free or for a very limited outlay, so I thought it would be useful to round up a few of the more impressive options.

A seven step guide to content marketing for luxury hotels

Even luxury brands are having trouble moving with the times. What is certain is that the static brochure style website featuring a photoshoped image of an infinity pool is dead.

Luxury hotels, like every industry, are having to be more imaginative and rethink their marketing strategy.

The first rule in content marketing is that content needs a purpose: to stimulate, engage, convert and build a buzz around a brand. It’s got to be useful, visible, desirable, engaging and provide a platform to position the hotel as a socially-connected brand.

Why is content so powerful? It’s is the modern day convergence of PR, social, SEO and good old-fashioned storytelling.

Yahoo’s Tumblr acquisition sends clear message to advertisers

It’s official: Yahoo has purchased popular blogging platform Tumblr for more than a billion dollars – $1.1bn to be exact.

The internet’s latest nine-figure acquisition is probably one most industry observers wouldn’t have predicted.

After all, despite that an ex-Googler, Marissa Mayer, is at Yahoo’s helm, there were few prior indicators that she was looking to make a billion dollar purchase.

And if there had been, Tumblr, while incredibly popular, doesn’t seem like the company that would have made it to the top of the list as Yahoo’s track record with acquisitions of user generated content startups is not all that impressive.

From Geocities to Flickr, Yahoo has proven to be a master of reverse alchemy in the space, repeatedly finding ways to turn gold to lead.

Five ways to fix your marketing department’s writers block

Can an entire marketing department get writer’s block? If it can happen to great novelists, then it can happen to you and your team.

At this point, many of us are familiar with the content marketing deluge. It’s increasingly difficult to generate an audience for blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts.

You can be the most creative and compelling writer, but if you’re not consistently churning out authentic content, your thought leadership presence will be zilch. 

Service Announcement: How comments on the Econsultancy blog work of my daily routine here at Econsultancy is to log into the admin section of the site and run through the new blog comments.

The blog currently has an Akismet spam filter, which sweeps posts it deems dodgy under the digital carpet, but unfortunately it isn’t perfect.

Recently there have been a few comments about this unreliability, so I thought it might be handy if I clarified how the system works and why you might occasionally see a comment you posted disappear…

After customer goes to jail, NYC restaurant learns that social media can be unfair

Smith & Wollensky is a high-end steakhouse located in New York City but the next time you’re visiting the Big Apple, it might not be your top choice for a fillet if you’re searching for a restaurant through a popular reviews service like Yelp.

That’s because the restaurant is currently suffering from a bout of social media backlash after reports that it made a very bad customer service decision.

10 ways to create a great content campaign

I know a lot of people who are great marketers, but when blogging they often worry that they don’t have something which is important or unique enough to share online.

Normally this is at the risk that someone may have said something similar before.

That makes sense in a lot of ways and it is a valid concern which I admit to thinking myself when creating new content, or speaking at an event. Of course you always want to impress by telling people something they don’t know.