25% of top brands still use Twitter for broadcasting rather than engagement

It’s no secret that to get the most out of social brands need to be willing to respond to other users, rather than just using it to push out dull marketing messages.

However a new report from Brandwatch shows that a quarter of the world’s major brands are still using Twitter as a broadcast channel rather than bothering to actively engage with consumers.

It could be a resource issue or simply that these companies don’t see any value in using Twitter to communicate with their customers, however brands like ASOS and Nike have shown the customer service value that can be derived from social media.

Tracking the impact of Instagram’s ‘confusing wording’ through social media

There has been suspicion surrounding everyone’s favourite photo sharing app, Instagram, since Facebook purchased the company in April.

Some have suggested that Twitter’s own picture filters are now just as good or better and others have jumped ship due to worries surounding Facebook’s ever changing privacy policies.

Despite this, Instagram still reports 100m users. 

Brandwatch launches tweet-powered Super Bowl visualisation

Everyone loves a bit of data visualisation. There have been hundreds of infographics created especially to show the spread of chatter online in relation to the 2012 Super Bowl advertisers.

But social media monitoring firm Brandwatch has gone a step further to build a live, interactive site that tracks tweets mentioning the brands involved in this year’s game.