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Eight useful tools for testing social marketing

The time and effort spent in coming up with creative, interesting social content is all for nought if Facebook posts and tweets are published at a time when nobody is listening.

Therefore marketers need to test and analyse their social activity to work out the most effective types of content as well as the optimum time of day to post updates. 

In a talk at Brighton SEO last week Moz director of community Jennifer Sable Lopez ran through a number of useful tools that can help marketers to test their social campaigns and content strategies, highlighting the best use cases for each one.

Here’s a quick run through of some of the tools Lopez recommended…

How to spot a bad backlink

The SEO industry has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years, with the focus shifting from building links by any means necessary to an appreciation of the power of quality content.

However links are still the fuel that drives Google’s algorithm, so building and maintaining a strong, clean link profile is central to the SEO’s job description.

At Brighton SEO last week Paul Madden from Manual Link Building detailed the steps that search marketers can take to identify bad links.

As a self-confessed former professional spammer Madden knows a thing or two about bad links, but he now uses his skills for good rather than evil.

Eight tips for dealing with on-site SEO on huge websites

Ecommerce currently makes up a whopping 43% of Argos’ business and is predicted to surpass 50% by 2015, so managing the company’s search strategy is an incredibly important job.

At Brighton SEO on Friday Argos’ search marketing manager Dan Patmore gave an insight into the way SEO works at the company and the tactics he uses to ensure his ideas are implemented.

Patmore currently has two people working for him internally and also outsources part of the process to NetBooster, but even then he said that managing on-site SEO remains a huge challenge.