British Gas provides best online customer experience: survey

According to a survey of the customer experience of twelve utility and broadband suppliers’ websites, British Gas was the top performer, thanks to a usable website and clear product and pricing information. 

For the study from eDigital Research, 20 customers and 20 non-customers tested the websites of 12 home services suppliers for usability and customer experience. 

Here are a few highlights from the report… 

Elderly and low-income homes drop phone and cable for broadband

broadbandIn the midst of a severe recession, Americans are cutting their monthly bills to the bone. Landline phones and cable television are now nice-to-haves rather than must-have. But a broadband internet connection? Non-negotiable.

We’ve come a long way since the dial-up era, when usability best practices cautioned against using slow-to-load graphics on Web sites and in email. The Pew Internet & American Life project’s Home Broadband Adoption 2009 report indicates home broadband penetration is holding steady at 54-57 percent of households, a healthy 63 percent of adult Americans. But adoption among senior citizens (65 and older) jumped from 19 percent last May to 30 percent in April of this year.

Digital Britain: Lord Carter hints at UK internet plan

Last week, Econsultancy was invited to the Westminster eForum, where Lord Stephen Carter – the Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting – was a guest keynote speaker ahead of his Digital Britain report.

The report, which is expected on January 26th, is to be “an action plan to secure the UK’s place at the forefront of innovation, investment and quality in the digital and communications industries.” So, ahead of the report, what is the Government planning?