11 impressive influencer marketing campaigns

We’ve been talking a lot about influencer marketing on the blog lately. From common mistakes to tips on finding the right micro-influencer it’s easy to wax lyrical about the idea. But what does successful influencer marketing really look like? To give you some proof that it can be an effective strategy for brands (and not […]

Six online advertising tactics set to rise

Online budgets are getting bigger to more accurately reflect consumer behaviour, but so are ROI expectations.

And some new technologies which promise to bring us closer to our customer, arguably push us further away.

How is the ad tech landscape changing in 2016? And what tactics can we expect to boom?

10 delicious digital marketing campaigns from McDonald’s

However you feel about thin pieces of meat matter nestled between entirely time-proof bread, we’re here to talk about marketing rather than products. 

McDonald’s may have suffered in terms of both finance and reputation over the years, but when it comes to digital marketing the brand has achieved some pretty impressive results.