Cap Code

10 action-packed digital marketing stats from this week

It’s been a fine week for digital marketing and ecommerce stats.

So, if you’re at all interested in travel and social media, PR and advertising codes, PC shipments, UK adspend, data breaches, email subject lines, B2B customer experience or the ‘single customer view’, reader, you’re in luck.

Three months in: the new Cap Code and online business

Anyone in the online marketing space from large, million-pound retail sites to a retired teacher who sells animal portraits are subject to new and changing regulations, updates and directives.

The responsibility to understand these new regulations now falls not just on those marketing online, you now just have to be online.

The Cap Code and social media: the experts’ view

The expansion of the ASA’s Cap Code came into effect yesterday, and the new rules cover not only paid advertising, but marketing messages on brands’ own websites as well as communications on social media sites. 

The new code does raise a number of potential questions for brands and marketers, so I’ve been asking a number of industry experts for their views on the changes.