Ryanair adds captcha security in war on screen-scrapers

Ryanair has added a new captcha screen in a bid to beef up security against screen-scrapers.

The screen appears once date and destination information has been entered on the home page, preventing screen-scraping sites from accessing pricing and availability information.

A statement from Ryanair heralds the captcha as an ‘outstanding success’ after eDreams and Bravofly stopped displaying its pricing details on their websites.

It says the move “has improved consumer access to, and the response times of, the website”.

Prove you’re human – view an ad

solve captchaWhat’s more annoying and contextually irrelevant than the text in a captcha – those squiggly, gibberishy words and phrases you have to type to authenticate an online log-in? A start-up, Solve Media, thinks it’s found a solution: replace gobbeldygook captcha text with an ad.

Why is Bing adding captchas to search results?

I’ve just noticed something odd when searching on Bing: it asks me to enter a captcha code before I can click through to my chosen search result. 

Bing is currently looking to wrench some search market share from Google, but it seems this is a guaranteed method of deterring users… 

10 ways to avoid spam in all its forms

Despite all of the tools that are brought to bear in the War on Spam, spammers continue to ply their trade successfully. The most prolific reach millions upon millions of people and are adept at adjusting to new weapons that aim to shut them down.

The truth is that defeating spam doesn’t require more technology but changes in human nature. Here are 10 common sense ways to avoid spam that are forgotten or overlooked far more often than we’d like to believe.

Are ads coming to a CAPTCHA near you?

Reaching consumers is not always as easy for advertisers as it was before the advent of today’s always-connected, multichannel world. Many audiences are fragmented and truly captive audiences are hard-to-find.

So it’s no surprise that over the years advertisers have increasingly been willing to try new things. Look no further than forehead and urinal advertising for evidence of that.

CAPTCHAs or conversions?

CAPTCHAs — those computer-generated images commonly used with website forms that challenge users to prove they’re human — are a popular tool in the arsenal against web spam.

But when looked at from a cost-benefit analysis standpoint, do they help or hurt conversions?