Catalogues and the iPad: ten best practices

The combination of the catalogue format and the iPad (or other tablets) can be a powerful tool, potentially offering the best of both worlds for retailers. 

When used well, catalogue apps combine the lean-back experience of the print catalogue with the interactivity and fast route to purchase of the web. 

We have written about how effective print catalogues can be as a sales driver before, and the stats show it. 54% of consumers used them at least once in the past year before making a purchase. 

I’ve been trying out some catalogue-style apps for the iPad from Ikea, Figleaves, Lakeland, Uniqlo and others to see how well these retailers are catering for iPad users. 

Why brands should use print catalogues and magazines

With an increasing proportion of marketing budgets being spent on digital or online channels, print is often seen as something of a dated way to reach consumers.

However, the numbers suggest that investment into print can seriously pay off for multichannel retailers. 

The inclusion of a humble catalogue or glossy magazine into your multichannel campaign may consume a big chunk of your budget, but many companies maintain that print can engage with consumers in ways other channels cannot.