Conan O’Brien

Should social media be used for TV ratings?

A few years ago, skepticism about social media was rampant.

While skepticism remains, there does seem to be a general consensus amongst marketers and business executives that social media is important, even if it’s still overhyped by some.

But just how important is social media? Can social media prolificacy, for instance, convince media buyers to buy ads for television programs that aren’t killing it in the ratings department?

Television and social media: a match made in Hollywood?

Executives are frequently encouraged to adopt a multichannel approach to business because, they’re told, doing so will produce a result that’s greater than the sum of its parts. but is this really the case?

If any industry can prove that you can put two channels together in interesting ways and produce powerful results, it’s the television industry, which is increasingly finding a variety of ways to embrace an ever-social internet.

The Promoted Trend TBS didn’t need to pay for #conanreturns

Conan O’Brien returned to the small screen last night. While we’ll have to wait for the ratings, one thing is certain: Conan’s debut on TBS is not only a big deal for TBS, it’s a big deal for cable television at large.

Not surprisingly, the run up to Conan’s television resurrection has been highly-anticipated, and supported with a hefty dose of promotion.