How vital was digital marketing to the Conservatives’ 2015 election victory?

Thanks to the use of social media by Obama’s team in 2008 and 2012, the role of digital marketing in politics has been a hot topic. 

Online was a key battleground in the recent general election, and this trend will only increase in the years to come. 

I’ve been talking to Craig Elder, Digital Director at the Conservative Party, about the role digital played in a Conservative victory. 

A comparison of the Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and UKIP websites

With political fever in the media building towards a 2015 general election I’ve taken a look at the present state of the four main UK political party websites (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and UKIP). 

This review and analysis is based upon website ease of use and content engagement from the perspective of a new visitor. 

So which party has the best website strategy? 

Tories win Nielsen’s email usability test

Jakob Nielsen has been busy looking at the emails of the three major UK parties, rating the Conservatives’ emails best for usability, with the Lib Dems in second, and Labour third, much like the state of the polls at the moment. 

In his latest Alertbox post, the usability expert rates the emails for sign-up pages, content, subscription management, and subject lines. 

I was due to follow up on my previous post about the three main parties’ email strategy, so I’ve looked at Nielsen’s findings, as well as some of my own… 

Fight club: Labour and Conservative iPhone apps compared

In an attempt to get with the times and extend their campaigning to mobile users, both major parties have been releasing iPhone apps. 

I’ve been comparing the iPhone apps recently released by both Labour and the Conservative Party. I would have reviewed the Lib Dem app as well, but they haven’t released one… 

Labour the most active political party on Twitter – report

The Labour Party seems to have the lead over its rivals on Twitter, if not in the polls, according to a new report. Labour has 113,201 followers, more than both the Conservatives (36,874) and Lib Dems (32,202) combined.

The Tweetminster report on Twitter and UK politics, just released, analyses Twitter followers, number of MPs tweeting, and other Twitter-related stats for the main political parties in the UK.

What would a Tory government mean for SEO?

Although it’s by no means a sealed deal, it’s very possible that in the 2010 election, the government will change and the Conservatives will lead the country. What might that mean for our industry?