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Digg 2.0 tries to woo publishers

Social media has been a boon for savvy online publishers who make a
concerted effort to take advantage of it. Back when social media was
coming into its own, Digg was one of the popular services that
publishers latched on to.

The reason was obvious: hitting the Digg homepage could easily drive
massive amounts of traffic in a very short amount of time. Few
publishers, of course, dream of anything less.

Content sharing and discovery: is Facebook the new Twitter?

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It recently passed the
400m registered user mark and is now the a top five web property
according to comScore.

But Facebook is fast becoming more than just the world’s largest social
network. With 5bn pieces of content being shared every week, and a whopping
60m status updates being post each week, Facebook can no longer be
classified as a simple ‘social network‘.