Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2018 Digital Trends for Creative and Design Leaders

We must improve relations between marketers & creatives, technology is one way

Sometimes, as I’m prepping to hash out our marketing plan for the coming quarter, I find myself thinking about the advertising pages in the back of vintage magazines from the 1950s.

There were ads for X-Ray specs, Exploding Cigars, or Ray Guns, all with corny taglines and hand- drawn graphics. I’m not sure if these companies amounted to more than a closet full of inventory and a few clerks processing orders, but they still managed to become iconic of a more innocent time. 

What marketers can learn from the resurgence of vinyl

The best brand marketers now instinctively adapt their products and campaigns to handle mobile-first millennials –  it’s the new normal, and therefore true brand innovation needs to come elsewhere.

While everyone has been focusing overwhelmingly on digital engagement, some leading brands have noted the resurgence in physical formats such as vinyl. Let’s explore this subtle but potentially incredibly important shift in consumer attitudes, look at who is jumping on the vinyl trend, and what you can learn about brand positioning and new product development.