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Barclaycard’s social customer service: balancing compliance with communication

How difficult is it for a major company in the financial services industry to maintain an efficient customer service channel that fully complies to banking regulations whilst also operating in the public eye?

Richard Atkinson is the assistant VP of social media and incident management at Barclaycard. Yesterday he was interviewed by Joshua March, CEO of Conversocial during Our Social Times’ Social Customer Service Summit 2014 in which he revealed how Barclaycard has worked through it’s regulatory and compliance issues to provide high quality social customer service

These are the main takeaways from their conversation. 

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Cancelling a credit card online: why is it so difficult?

Credit card lenders operate in a tightly regulated industry with strict rules governing how they market their products, and rightly so.

Unfortunately the regulations don’t extend to laying down rules for improving the UX of their websites.

Having paid off my Tesco credit card sometime ago I thought it about time that I cancelled it so I’m not tempted to plunge myself back into further debt.

Considering the ease with which I signed up to the credit card in the first place, I naively assumed it would be equally simple to rid myself of the unwanted contract. How wrong I was.

12 things every freelancer should have

Being a freelancer can be a fulfilling and profitable career path.

In digital industries, where job mobility is high and five years with a single employer is ‘a long time’, many professionals view freelancing as a viable and attractive career path.

But make no mistake about it: freelancing is a business and as with any business, starting up, surviving and thriving can be difficult to do.

Here are 12 success-promoting things every freelancer, new and experienced, should have in place.