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You don’t need a single customer view, you need a practical customer view

By using data your marketing can be smarter, faster and messages more relevant. This explains the current interest in customer data platforms (CDPs). I am a big fan of the idea of a CDP to bring together and make the best use of our data – and the story goes that we can create a single customer view with it. If we reach that holy grail, that would literally turn all marketers into superhuman marketers, wouldn’t it?

Why customer data platforms may have a more limited future post-GDPR & Cambridge Analytica

Customer data platforms (CDPs) have had a meteoric rise in the technology hype cycle.

Promising a 360-degree view of the customer across all touchpoints, CDPs promised enterprises a place where all information about customers and their interaction with brands would be kept in individual profiles, rather than all the silos that exist today. CDPs have suggested that data management platforms (DMPs) will soon be encompassed by the CDP, whereby paid media data and owned media data will be completely connected.