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Creating Journey-Based Experiences for B2B

Creating compelling digital B2B experiences requires a deep understanding of customers. This includes understanding the end-to-end customer journey, the pain points and where digital can support the process.  The digital customer experience Research from Wunderman Thompson revealed that more than half (52%) of firms experience frustration with online B2B buying and, as a result, over […]

21 March 2024
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Customer Journey Mapping: Key Takeaways

The purpose of this research is to provide an overview of customer journey mapping and a simple starting point for anyone yet to map out their customer journeys. The research and companion guides linked from this research should provide further information and help around the topic. A list of key takeaways for those yet to […]

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Developing the Customer Journey Map: Workshopping

After carrying out the planning stage of a customer journey mapping project, where the project goals, objectives and scope are defined, it is time to bring teams together in workshops to refine and augment the project plans. This chapter outlines what is required in a customer journey workshop and how to make the most of […]

18 minute read
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Developing the Customer Journey Map: Planning

Customer journey maps grant brands a view of the entire customer experience, making it possible for them to identify pain points and opportunities. This chapter outlines how marketers can start developing customer journey maps for their businesses, starting with the planning phase. There are a number of key stages that equally apply to ‘quick and […]

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Rules for a Successful Customer Journey Mapping Approach

Contributors to this research, who have decades’ worth of combined experience, were asked to highlight the criteria for a successful mapping project. Without exception, all stated the same basic rules, regardless of the complexities or simplicity of the project. These are summarised in this chapter. Get organisational ownership at a senior level While the project […]

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Types of Customer Journey Maps

How important is it to get the map terminology right and is there a set of standard maps that businesses and customer experience specialists use? This chapter defines a range of different types of customer journey maps – including current and future state maps – and when they should be used. Contributors to this research […]

13 minute read
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The Development and Rise of Customer Journey Mapping

The exact origin of customer journey mapping and customer journey maps is a little unclear, but the concept of a business or organisation mapping business processes is not a new one. This chapter considers the origins of the practice, and its increased relevance today as new technologies continue to transform the customer journey. The origins […]

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Customer Journey Mapping: A Summary

The purpose of this research is to provide an overview of customer journey mapping. It provides a simple starting point for anyone yet to map out their customer journeys. It is also a reference for those for whom the process is underway. This research draws insights from those who have developed complex journeys with multiple […]

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Brands emphasise digital products and services – but does the CX hold up?

For the vast majority of businesses, the outbreak of Covid-19 and the lockdown that followed it has prompted an abrupt shift to digital. Brands that previously had a multichannel sales strategy in place have in many cases effectively become pure-play e-tailers, while companies that lacked an online option or a sufficiently robust digital business are […]