Why your brand should definitely be on Tumblr: 10 fantastic examples

This article will only have one use of the term ‘millennial’ and I’ve just used it up already.

The majority of Tumblr users are under 34 years old, which basically means I only have approximately eight months left to legitimately write about the micro-blogging platform before the core demographic cast me out towards the shores of an increasingly older person populated Facebook. 

“Hi mum. They finally kicked me out of their stupid club. Yes I’ll look at the photos of your embroidery. Yes I’ll leave a comment. Sigh.”

So what’s the appeal of Tumblr? What are the benefits? Are there any brands currently excelling on the platform?

Let’s first take a look at some stats to grab your attention.

Denny’s: from roadside diner to digital

How has one of the most traditional of US brands transferred its ‘Always Open’ approach to online?

Denny’s 2012 annual report stated its main aim is “to revitalise Denny’s image with our America’s Diner positioning.”

Through menu, service and environment initiatives Denny’s has sought to truly own its ‘Always Open’ mantra, by driving more hungry Americans to its restaurants through various in-restaurant promotions.

Has this franchise-based business with its roots firmly in the 24 hour roadside diner boom of the 1950s, managed to embrace the ‘Always Open’ aspect of the digital world, in order to drive further traffic into restaurants and revitalise its image?

Twitter Fail: Denny’s urges customers to follow random Taiwanese man

If there’s one thing integral to the success of any Twitter marketing campaign, it’s this: know your company’s Twitter handle.

That may seem like a simple task, but it eluded the person at Denny’s who typed up menus that misdirected customers to a Taiwanese Twitter address. And while typos happen, there’s a bigger issue for Denny’s: no one noticed for four months.