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The secret sauce: 12 essential traits for a successful agency

All agencies operate in a competitive landscape, where despite key strengths and differentiation points, everyone broadly does the same job.

We offer similar services to clients, we have common skillsets, etc – so what makes an agency successful?

We asked The Agency Collective to speak to 12 agency owners, founders and directors about what essential traits an agency must have in order to be successful and build long and mutually beneficial relationships with their clients.

Digital agencies’ daily rates increased by 6% since 2012: report

The average digital agency daily rate has increased by 6% in the past two years, according to a new survey by Econsultancy.

Smaller agencies (with projected turnover of less than £1m) reported the most significant increases with rates up 8% since 2012.

In contrast respondents with a turnover greater than £1m reported an average rise of just 3%.

However the average results mask the fact that many digital agencies achieved huge increases in their daily rates in the past two years.

According to the results, more than two fifths (44%) of agencies said that their average charge-out rates have remained the same since 2011, but the same amount (44%) reported increases of up to 40%. 

You know you’re working in UX when …

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘Never work with children or animals’ right? Well, after you’ve read this lot, I reckon you’ll want to add participants, facilitators and even clients to this list. 

You see, since my last blog I’ve spent a few weeks “playing journalist” sourcing weird, wonderful and downright bizarre stories from the UX (User Experience) Community. 

The idea came to me while I was telling a friend how I had to sit throughout a whole study earlier this year in Norway, trying not to crack up every time a participant had to fill in his name on a form. Thing is, he was doing it with such a straight face that for a long time I thought it really was his name.  Which it obviously couldn’t have been. 

So it got me thinking that there must be other amusing or even downright weird experiences that my fellow UX practitioners might like to share with me… and share they did! OK, some took a little cajoling but I got there in the end. 

They’re all anonymous and I hope you at least find them interesting, even if they might not tickle you as much as they tickled me.

The digital agency starchart 2013 [infographic]

With ‘new’ disciplines like content marketing emerging all the time, as well as lots mergers and takeovers, the digital agency landscape is complex and ever-changing. 

This is shown by the starchart below, put together by Jack Hagley for Neil’s Recruitment. It’s also a canny piece of content marketing. 

You can see the chart below, and it’s also worth checking out our Top 100 Digital Agencies report, a guide to the top agencies, with info on income, services and more.