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Digital Transformation in the B2B Sector Webinar

Digital Transformation in the B2B Sector: Webinar Resources

Webinar recording   Feedback? We would like to hear your thoughts, please click here to take our short survey. Related resources Report: B2B Digital Transformation Report: State of B2B Marketing Automation Report: 2017 Digital Trends in B2B Report: The Tension in B2B Customer Experience: Traditional priorities vs. new expectations Report: B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide Blog post: B2B […]

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B2B Digital Transformation

1. Executive Summary Digitisation is rapidly changing B2B businesses and it is crucial that companies transform and respond to these challenges. According to McKinsey, turning your company into a top-quartile B2B digital player can increase revenue by 3.5%.[1] Rising expectations from customers and prospects is also driving digital transformation as B2B buyers increasingly expect the […]

Adidas creates B2B content to help with recruitment

Adidas’ GamePlan A is one of the quirkier corporate websites out there.

It’s a mixture of motivational interviews with sports stars and a smattering of slightly cod-philosophical editorial that one could imagine a spornosexual nodding his head at.

But it’s an interesting site because it shows that content marketing is still trusted, and could be a force in increasingly competitive recruitment.