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A day in the life of… Social Media Editor at Direct Line Group

Alison Traboulsi is Social Media Editor at Direct Line Group. For our latest ‘Day in the Life’ interview, we caught up with Traboulsi to ask the usual questions about job requirements and her daily routine. If you want to appear in this feature, get in touch. Please describe your job – what do you do? […]

Direct Line: improving the customer side of digital transformation

Direct Line redesigned its website last year, putting a larger focus on the rapidly growing number of mobile users wishing to access traditionally difficult to obtain information.

Just a few years ago the idea of obtaining a home or car insurance quote on the mobile web seemed at best a pipe-dream, at worst a massive hassle not worth attempting.

Insurance sites need to work on their checkout processes

Last week we published a post looking at some of the world’s best ecommerce checkouts to see what we could learn from them.

They came from a range of industries, though they all sell consumer goods such as clothes or electronics.

One of the commenters noted that it would be useful to take a more targeted look at other industries, such as utilities, banking or insurance.

By coincidence, I’m in need of a new contents insurance policy so thought I’d murder two birds with one stone by reviewing the checkouts as I shopped around for quotes.